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Craig regularly writes for The Conversation, Cosmos, Australasian Science, and other online news sources, and frequently contributes to News media.
He has also appeared on ABC's Catalyst, HBO's Meteorite Men (series 2), Totally Wild, National Geographic's Foxtel series Nature's Fury, and regularly on radio.
Some selected appearances are listed below.
Catalyst (ABC) preview, 2020.
See the full episode here.

Recent written articles

Why are we sending missions to Mars? 22nd July, 2020.
The spikey end of geodynamics: The story of the echidna and plate tectonics. EGU Geodynamics Blog, April 1st, 2020.
A 'seiche' wave can outpace a tsunami and both can be triggered by meteorites and earthquakes, The Conversation, 4 April, 2019,
How the dinosaurs went extinct: asteroid collision triggered potentially deadly volcanic eruptions, The Conversation, Feb 22, 2019,
Recent press coverage
Life in the Galaxy: maybe this is as good as it gets? Goldschmidt press release, 22 June 2020.  Reposts:
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